An Open Letter To House Republicans

Dear House Republicans,

Why are you guys in such a hurry to finish the special counsel’s investigation into Russia? Did Mr. Putin get to you guys too? Or did the President ask for protection and loyalty the same way he asked for protection and loyalty from James Comey and Jeff Sessions.

I’m specifically referring to you Congressmen Gowdy. You implored the heads of the FBI and the Department of Justice “If you have evidence of wrongdoing by any member of the Trump campaign, present it to the damn grand jury…Whatever you got, finish it the hell up.”

You cursed, twice in the same sentence. You must be so mad that the investigation has been going on forever. This must be the longest investigation into a sitting U.S. President….ever! Right?

Well as of Friday June 29th, the investigation has been going on for 397 days. Historically, the  Bill Clinton White Water Investigation went on for 2,978 days. The Ronald Reagan Iran Contra Investigation lasted for 2,420 days. The Water Gate Investigation lasted for 746 Days. So historically speaking as far as investigations are concerned, the Trump Russia Investigation is in last place as far as length of time.

Congressman Gowdy’s House Benghazi Investigation went on for two and a half years with zero indictments. The Russia Investigation so far has led to over “100 criminal counts against 20 people and three companies” according to the New York Times as of February 2018.

Yesterday, President Trump’s own hand picked FBI director, Christopher Wray told us that, “I do not believe special counsel Mueller is on a witch hunt”.  With this President, anything anti-Trump is #FakeNews.

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