Obama FISA Warrant Violations Debunked

For some reason the Right keeps trying to discredit the Russia/Trump investigation by trying to besmirch the FISA warrant. On Sunday, attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the DOJ will launch an investigation into allegations into abuse of power in  obtaining a FISA warrant in order to survey  foreign-policy advisor to Donald Trump‘s 2016 Presidential campaign, Carter Page. It’s very fair to mention that  from 1979 to 2004, “18,742 warrants were granted, while only four were rejected”. In other words, just because it was the Trump campaign, doesn’t mean that the FISC lowered their standards in regard to issuing warrants.

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Trump Is Treating Puerto Rico Like A Red Headed Step Child!

Already being criticized for belittling the disaster in Puerto Rico saying that that only 16 deaths (so far) is something to be proud of, Trump seems to forget that Puerto Rico is a part of the country. At the very end of the video, President Trump says to the Governor of Puerto Rico, “On behalf of our country, I want to thank you” note – our country instead of the country suggesting that Puerto Rico isn’t part of the United States.

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A Rundown Of The Trump Tax Plan

Trump and his “Big Six” working group consisting of  Treasury Secretary – Steven Mnuchin, Senate Majority – Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan, Economic Council Director – Gary Cohen, and Finance Committee Chair – Orin Hatch have released the framework for the new Trump Tax bill. Here’s what we know so far, what the administration is saying, the pros and cons. Continue reading “A Rundown Of The Trump Tax Plan”