Hey Breitbart, Your DACA Poll Source Is Biased And Misleading…

But you already knew that.

According to an article published on Breitbart.com “careful polls show the public overwhelmingly prefers immigration policies which help their fellow Americans find good jobs”. Yes that is true. One doesn’t need a poll to figure out that even the most progressive Americans want others to find good jobs and they support immigration policies that do so.

So how does it relate to supposed “skewed DACA polls” that the media is pushing? Well, it doesn’t relate at all. The poll they cite asks if they support immigration reform that helps their fellow Americans finding “good jobs”.  A majority or the jobs illegal immigrants work at are not what many Americans define as “good jobs”. According to Pew Researchers, private household employment, including maids, gardeners and nannies, account for 45% of the jobs held by undocumented workers.

Lets take nannies as an example.  According to Care.com, families in the U.S. pay child care workers $556 a week, which works out to $28,912 a year. According to healthcare.gov, the federal poverty level is $12,060 for individuals $28,780 for a family of 5. So if the hypothetical nanny is on their own, they might be doing ok. Right?

Let’s break down what that hypothetical nanny’s lifestyle looks like. 3.4 million undocumented workers paid taxes in 2008, so lets take off 20% a week for taxes. That’s $446 a week.

But they get it back, right? Nope! In order to file for a federal tax return, undocumented immigrants need to apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number from the IRS. So most likely, because they’re here illegally, they won’t apply for a tax refund. Back to $446 a week.

The monthly income of someone making $446 a month is $1,784 a month. Average rent in the state of Pennsylvania is $895. $889 is left in their monthly budget. Let’s say they spend $50 a week on groceries. $689 is left per month of their budget. Electricity in their apartment, we’ll estimate $50 per month which is $639 per month. Transportation costs for a bus pass would be $100 a month, leaving $539 left for a month. Cell phone cost – $50 per month for a low cost plan – leaves her with $489 a month. Not much wiggle room at $1,784 a month. Good thing though our hypothetical nanny is on her own because if she’s a single mom she’ll be broke at the end of the month!

This example is the high end of an undocumented workers wage’s. Most undocumented workers make less that $12 an hour (around $1520 after taxes or $380 a week). Most U.S. citizens don’t have to worry about undocumented workers competing for a job that they want. In this country, there are plenty of low wage jobs to go around.

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