Your “Patriotism” Needs Some Work

This weekend our Commander and Chief had some pretty stern comments directed towards football players who take a knee during the National Anthem, going so far as to call them a “son of a bitch”, saying they should be “fired”. He also said the White Nationalists that marched on Charlottesville “had some very fine people“.

Why is the President okay with hate speech coming from Neo-Nazis saying its a slippery slope to condemn their freedom of speech but if you take a knee to protest the national anthem you should get fired? Please EXPLAIN the logic?

Waaaaaay back in January President Trump Tweeted this:


See, even crazy people have moments of lucid thoughts.

Of course, supporters of the President will argue that taking a knee during the National Anthem is a slap in the face of the troops and first responders. Taking a knee validates what our troops have stood and fought for, the freedom to take a knee, and the right to protest.

As Americans we have the Constitutional right to disagree. We have a right to peacefully protest.

Conversely, saluting a flag does not make you a patriot. Saluting a flag doesn’t mean you love your country. Your country isn’t the flag. Your country is the person standing next to you. Embracing and accepting your fellow American is real patriotism.

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