A Rundown Of The Trump Tax Plan

Trump and his “Big Six” working group consisting of ┬áTreasury Secretary – Steven Mnuchin, Senate Majority – Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of the House – Paul Ryan, Economic Council Director – Gary Cohen, and Finance Committee Chair – Orin Hatch have released the framework for the new Trump Tax bill. Here’s what we know so far, what the administration is saying, the pros and cons. Continue reading “A Rundown Of The Trump Tax Plan”

Will The GOP Split In Two?

We’ve seen this before with the Republican party. In 2009 the Tea Party movement divided the Republican party and saw sitting members of Congress being primarried out of office.

It looks as if the GOP is going through another Civil War. After a heated presidential primary that left its share of scars amongst its members and the election of a historically unpopular president, it looks like the Republican Party splitting in two is inevitable. Continue reading “Will The GOP Split In Two?”

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