Trump Blows Up Obama Care With His Pen

After announcing on Twitter that he would be “using the power of the pen to give great HealthCare to many people – FAST”, President Trump took the first steps in repealing Obama Care.

“We’ve been hearing about the disaster of Obamacare for so long — in my case, many years, most of it outside in civilian life. And for a long period of time since I’ve started running and since I became president of the United States, I just keep hearing ‘repeal and replace, repeal and replace.’ Well, we’re starting that process, and we’re starting it in a very positive manner.”

In a statement from Chris Hansen, President of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) in reaction to the Executive Order:

“Today’s executive order jeopardizes the ability of millions of cancer patients, survivors and those at risk for the disease from being able to access or afford meaningful health insurance. Exempting an entire set of health plans from covering essential health benefits like prescription drugs or specialty care and allowing expansion and renewability of bare-bones short-term plans will split the insurance market.”

You can read the EO here or let’s just skip to the juicy parts:

“Expanding access to AHPs will also allow more small businesses to avoid many of the PPACA’s costly requirements.” i.e. pre-existing conditions and lifetime caps.

It also allows employers the option of offering a health savings plans at the expense of the employee rather than requiring a health insurance plan.

Trump’s goal is to open loopholes for people to buy insurance outside of ACA’s markets. Drawing younger healthier individuals away from the markets in favor of short-term insurance (short-term policies typically have higher out-of-pocket costs and cover fewer services than traditional insurance) could destabilize the existing market. Essentially this Executive Order was written to blow up the Affordable Care Act.

“We’ll be back to where we were before the Affordable Care Act.” according to Tim Jost, a law professor at Washington and Lee University.

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