Trump Is Kicking Puerto Rico While It’s Down

MAGA right? Make America Great Again was the slogan, was it not? Well in case you missed it – Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. Puerto Rico also pays Federal Taxes ( $3.742 billion in 2009). Someone needs to remind the President that Puerto Rico desperately needs to be made great again.

The President hit Puerto Rico hard on Twitter this morning, stating that:

Yes, we can’t keep them there forever, but the recovery has barely begun.

According to, the federal government spent $120.5 billion and approximately $75 billion in disaster relief in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. $10.4 billion came from a relief package from George W. Bush and an additional $51.8 billion in aid came from Congress.

By comparison, $61 billion was spent on the aid package for the victims affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Out of the original $15.25 billion hurricane relief bill, FEMA currently has $5 billion for disaster relief. Tuesday night, House lawmakers unveiled a bill to provide $36.5 billion in disaster relief funding for hurricane and wildfire requested by the Trump administration, almost half of what was spent on Hurricane Sandy.

According to Puerto Rico’s delegate to Congress, Jenniffer Gonzalez Colon 86% of the population is still without electricity and more than 44% have no running water. Mr. President, can an island get a few more rolls of Bounty before you threaten to leave?

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