Trump Is Treating Puerto Rico Like A Red Headed Step Child!

Already being criticized for belittling the disaster in Puerto Rico saying that that only 16 deaths (so far) is something to be proud of, Trump seems to forget that Puerto Rico is a part of the country. At the very end of the video, President Trump says to the Governor of Puerto Rico, “On behalf of our country, I want to thank you” note – our country instead of the country suggesting that Puerto Rico isn’t part of the United States.

Slip of the tongue perhaps – but in addition to delaying for days after the hurricane to mention Puerto Rico at all, the President continually belittles the problems this country is facing. If any area in the Contiguous United States was facing six months of electricity, certainly the President wouldn’t joke about his budget being thrown off.

Some experts suspect the death toll in Puerto Rico from Maria will reach into the hundreds.

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