Trump’s Escalating War With The MSM

Since Trump announced his candidacy, he’s been at war with the National media. Starting with nicknaming the New York Times “the failing New York Times” to pointing at a CNN reporter during a press conference and directly accusing him of being “Fake News”. Little by little, news has become more divisive and ramping.

The President claims that his Twitter account is his way to get “real news” out to the people without the filter of the so-called “Main Stream Media”. The biggest issue here is he has zero accountability for his statements. He can make whatever claim he wants without having to back it up and a majority of his followers whom he turned against the media will take his word over theirs.

According to a story at NBC News, Trump wanted to increase the country’s nuclear arsenal “tenfold”. This statement supposedly prompted the now infamous Rex Tillerson jab, calling Trump an “idiot”.

Trump responded with the following:

According to the article, the story was corroborated by “three officials who were in the room”.  Trump, has made public statements that when news organizations use the term “sources say”  because “it is very possible that those sources don’t exist but are made up by fake news writers”.

In a second Tweet, he goes so far as to threaten the First Amendment:

The President himself has re-tweeted articles from Fox, in one case, includes the phrase “the source said” nine times. Maybe Trump should rephrase that by saying, “if it’s an anonymous source related to me – it’s fake.”

After all – this is the same president who used to claim positive job reports under the Obama administration were phony. In March, Trump had former Press Secretary quote him by saying “they (job reports) may have been phony in the past, but it’s very real now.”

The President and his supporters are trying to discredit the unfavorable and highlight the bias.  According to the blog Fox News host Sean Hannity “referenced the “media” 393 times, mentioning it in 57 monologues. He criticized the press in 90 percent of his monologues. He mentioned “fake news” 67 times”. Hannity  refers to the media as, “the destroy-Trump propaganda media”.

This constant brainwashing is Propaganda 101. Taking a page out of (pardon if this sounds cliché) Nazi Germany, if they can successfully discredit the free press, they control the narrative.

While the Main Stream Media has been historically liberal biased, political figures haven’t sought to discredit them because they understand that the free press holds them accountable. By being dismissive and calling them “fake news” it creates a bubble of unaccountability. Thus his supporters never have the right to question their faith in Trump because anything outside the bubble isn’t real.

This is why it’s become impossible to hold an intelligent conversation with anyone pro-Trump. To them, everything else is #FAKENEWS

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